Our Story

1980 – COAF s.r.l. is founded from a corporate structure 100% formed by other Public Limited Companies already operating as contractors since 1954. The Company’s registered office is officially established in L’Aquila, at Sassa Scalo S.S. 17.  Since this date onwards, the business purpose has always been the implementation of various public and private works and services, both self-commissioned and commissioned by third parties and in any negotiation form, in the fields of construction, agriculture and forestry.

1980 – 2003 The Company’s productive efforts are concentrated on interventions aimed at environmental and landscape conservation and at territorial reorganization, through development and application of methodologies designed for reclamation of mountain areas.

2004 – The corporate structure is entirely renewed. The Company is taken over by public natural persons who start enlarging the various fields of operation by potentiating entrepreneurial initiatives within the construction sector. The Company performs works, both privately and publicly commissioned, thus increasing its consolidated and proven technical and organizational expertise, as well as developing its own housing constructions.

2009 – After the catastrophic earthquake in L’Aquila, COAF s.r.l. becomes an active role-player in post-earthquake reconstruction. This leads the Company to widen the fields of its specialized intervention in seismic retrofit and energetic requalification of both residential buildings and historical/artistic ones located within the seismic crater.

2014 – The know-how and experience acquired over time, the ever-growing motivation to protect the environment, along with sensitive awareness on the preservation of Planet Earth, all lead COAF to direct its interests and interventions towards Green BUILDING. The Company thus starts investing in this specific field through human, technical and financial resources aimed at developing construction projects. Within this innovative trend, the Company becomes member of Green Building Council Italia.

2015 – COAF SRL coaf srl extends its type of activity and is on the market also as esco to operate in the field of energy efficiency of buildings also in self-financing. In the course of 2015, coaf srl expanded its type of activity, activating an esco sector in compliance with L.D. 115/2008 art. 2 paragraph 1 letter i). This extension allows the company to offer integrated services for the realization and management of energy interventions: energy diagnosis activities, feasibility studies, planning and realization of requalification interventions or new implementation of plants with financing through means of third parties with management and maintenance, also with remuneration linked directly to the energy savings obtained by the client.