OFFICINA AQ 26-27 october 2017

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OFFICINA AQ 26-27 october 2017

COAF srl partecipated the OFFICINA AQ, event held at Auditorium del parco (Renzo Piano).

As already done during the lV and V editions of the "SALONE DELLA RICOSTRUZIONE" and the previous edition of "OFFICINA AQ", COAF srl has demonstrated the technical skills in its possession, through practical demonstrations, valued, as in the previous edition, by part of the event called "CANTIERI APERTI", which allows the public to open the work in progress and gives the interested people the opportunity to take a look at them, the site that has been exhibited was "CAVALIERI DI MALTA".

In addition, the project of the MEIS museum (Museum of Italian Ebraism and Shoah), which follows the GBC HB (Green Building Council Historic Building) evaluation criteria, has been presented.

The presentation will be accompanied by a PANATOUR